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Community Programmes

Village savings’ is a community driven intervention aim at Oasis Uganda aims at reaching out to support OVC’s and their households, empowering them economically through training in income generating activities, running Village Saving & Loans Association’s (VSLAs) or Self-Help Groups (SHG). Through these platforms, different households are empowered with knowledge on child rights and responsibilities hence building a holistic community that advocates for the respect and protection of children’s rights. This intervention ensures that OVC needs are met through their caretakers with such groups linked to the nearby community schools and the different service providers.

‘Positive parenting’ is a training aimed at supporting parents and guardians with skills and knowledge that will enable them to nurture and raise their children in an upright way. Parenting is said to be the hardest job in the world and even when your children grow up you will never give up on this job! We therefore believe, when parents have good and effective communications skills, bare sensitivity in all aspects of their children’s up-bringing, they will be able to raise children of moral value.