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Education Programmes

‘Equipped to Teach’  is our 5-day course which aims to equip teachers with skills and strategies to maximise learning in any setting, through using accelerated learning techniques. It seeks to empower those working in formal and informal education settings to reflect on the needs of their learners in order to develop flexible, creative and effective education programmes. After the course, we do monthly follow up and mentoring visits with the teachers in their classrooms

‘Good Schools Programme’  is a complementary 5-day course developed by our partner ‘Raising Voices’. It helps schools envision what a good school looks like, how to create a healthy psychological and physical environment, improves teaching methodology and addresses broader school policy issues.

‘Catch-up Programme’ is an intensive teaching and support for children who are struggling to keep up with other learners and so are at risk of dropping out of school. It also targets children who have already dropped out of school so they can re-join the mainstream at an appropriate level. Usually for a year, we work closely with the pupils and their teachers and parents/guardians until a time we certified they are ready to re-join other learners. Through the catch-up programme, pupils’ performance is enhanced through a continuous psychosocial support for the children and their families.

Child rights programme’  is a rights intervention aimed at empowering children and OVCs to know their rights and responsibilities as per the UNCRC. Oasis Uganda believes it has a duty to teach children in schools about their rights and to educate them in ways to safeguard themselves and what to do when abuse occurs. Oasis does this in ways which are interactive and age-appropriate and where possible uses external experts. Children’s rights are also taught in association with their responsibilities, that they realize they have a part to play in society.

‘Vocational and Life skills training’ is tailored for young adults (boys and girls) who have dropped out of school and cannot re-join mainstream learning. It covers vocational skills training in Knitting, Tailoring, Cookery, Carpentry, Building.

These are complemented with our Esteem course which looks at self-esteem, sex and relationships, mentoring and HIV / STD prevention. Our football programme is a medium for modelling character development with boys and girls.